Vadak csillaga. In English: star of wild animals. This is a lesser-known hungarian folk name of the Venus. I chose therefore this name for my site, because it expresses my relation to the nature, to the sky and reveal the necessity of the preservation of our traditions.

My name is Tamás Ábrahám and I live in Zsámbék with my family.  I lived in Budapest six years after graduating from the Budapest Technical University as a civil engineer. I didn't able to get into the habit of the lifestyle of Budapest so I moved to Zsámbék, which is a nice little town with the famous ruined church not so far from Budapest. I think it was a good decision because of the wine cellars on the hillside and the nature reservation of the Nyakas Hill. When I hike the hill - and I do it regularly - I run usually into foxes, rabbits, pheasants, deers, rarely boars. 
There are a lot of protected plants on the hill and fortunately there are a lot of mushrooms too.  I like eating wild mushrooms so I'm often on the hill hunting them.

My main observing place is my garden. The light pollution of Budapest is south-east from me, the other directions are in general good.  I have a plan: I would like to build a little wine cellar in my garden and onto this cellar I would build a little observatory.
While this plan will maybe materialize in the far future, I observe in my garden where the hedgehogs sometimes disturb the
summer night observations.

I started to deal with astronomy in 1985 in the community centre of Székesfehérvár. On the top of the building of the community centre there was an observatory with a 12 inch newtonian reflector. The observatory in our days:  Terkán Lajos Public Observatory.
It was a good experience to find the Ring Nebula on a summer night with this telescope when I was once alone in the observatory. I observed this early time
at home mainly Messier objects with a 70/700 refractor on the basis of the "Messier-album" by Evered Kreimer and John Mallas. I collected the astronomical books, journals and I read science fiction too, mostly Lem's writings.

In the beginning of 2008 I decided to reopen dealing with astronomy, so I got equipment to observe and take photos.
My equipment:
- 200/1000 mm SkyWatcher Newtonian reflector
- Synta EQ-5 mount
- William Optics Swan 33 mm eyepiece
-  Synta Gold Line 15 mm eyepiece
- 2x TS ED Barlow lens
- Baader MPCC
- Canon EOS 400D + EF-S 18-55 mm lens
Commonly I take the solar system images with a Canon Powershot A520 camera. 
I like using my old
Pentacon 2,8/135 MC and Pentacon 4/200 telephoto lens too.

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